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Designed to provide attractive and flexible guidelines

0% Down

VA loans are among the last 0% down home loans available on the market today.


Since VA loans are government backed, banks do not require you to buy Private Mortgage Insurance.

Competitive Interest Rates

VA loans have had the lowest average fixed interest rate on the market for more than five years in a row, according to data from Ellie Mae.

Designed to provide attractive and flexible guidelines

If you’re active-duty military, a veteran or an eligible family member of a military veteran, you may qualify for a VA loan, and one of Mox Mortgage's biggest perks – waived lender’s fees*. The VA Mortgage is a government-based product offering 100% financing of the reasonable value of the property, with less restrictive qualifying terms than conventional programs. Although the VA has no minimum credit score requirement, most wholesalers require scores of at least 620. A few lenders will approve loans with credit scores as low as 580 in some cases. The VA takes a real-life view of affordability by estimating the ability to pay the home loan after accounting for other monthly expenses.

*Mox Mortgage is a VA approved lender; and is not endorsed or sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs or any government agency.


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